Gear Off Road is committed to providing support for events, teams, businesses, and individuals within our national communities through two programs. Our sponsorship application is for individuals and organizations that have the ability to leverage their expertise or use their influence to help build the Gear Off Road brand. This is typically reserved for high profile influencers or industry partners. Sponsored organizations and individuals will receive product support, and promotional gear in addition to media exposure through our available platforms in exchange for their representation of the brand. To effectively engage with our fans and enthusiasts, we have implemented a Ambassador program.


This program is dedicated to Gear Off Roadā€™s ACTIVE enthusiasts; whether it be show trucks or off road enthusiasts who want to represent the brand through their vehicle. We are looking for a leader with a strong social media and industry following. With the ability to promote your industry to others and strive to increase engagement within your industry. The Gear Off Road brand is looking for active members within the community including online communities, car shows, and other relevant events. In addition to this, you must have a measurable reach through a blog, website, social media, etc. The most important factor is that you have a friendly and professional demeanor with high regard for ethics in your activity.





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    If you're approved for sponsorship you agree to maintain a professional image and refrain from use of profanities or obscenities, objectification or engaging in polarizing exchange in any content related to GEAR OFF ROAD.

    All deliverables will be submitted via agreed upon medium (i.e. Instagram, magazine).
    All content shared or submitted on behalf of this agreement becomes property of GEAR OFF ROAD and may be used for marketing and promotional purposes with no associated fees or royalties.

    We make every effort to review sponsorships in a timely manner, however, in some cases it may take two weeks or more for your sponsorship request to be reviewed as we receive a high volume of submissions. All sponsorees are required to run our wheel products for a minimum of one year. Failure to provide assets or comply with our one year agreement will result in an invoice being sent for the full retail price of our product.