Gear Off Road wheels: honoring everyday sacrifices

At Gear Off Road wheels, we know that a lot of sweat, grit, and determination fuel the everyday heroes of today. The unsung men and women working hard and getting it done. Some in pressed uniforms. Others in faded denim. To all our everyday heroes, we salute your devotion and dedication with unique styles, dependable quality and an uncompromising commitment to customer care.

Rule whatever road you choose.

Since 2001 we have provided wheel enthusiasts with a broad variety of custom choices for trucks and overland vehicles, consistently offering eye-catching designs that look good and go hard in any street or off-road adventure. Whether you’re loading up for the job site or getting dressed up for date night, Gear Off Road wheels make the right impression wherever and whenever you arrive.

We’re unleashing a lot more choices.

Our design veterans have been working diligently creating Gear’s largest collection yet, drawing inspiration from such things as the aggressive paths of mud runs to the smooth lines of secret test tracks. Our fresh and dynamic wheels cover the spectrum from the clean, elegantly refined curves and unconventional spoke profile of the 768 and the bold dual 8 lug bolt configuration with full covered cap and thick milling of the 769, to the super deep concave character of the 770. The latest Gear Off Road line-up offers all our styles in a variety of finishes, diameters, and bolt patterns.

Show up tough.

Finding the perfect combination of all-terrain readiness and everyday street functionality requires exacting engineering specs. Using exceptionally strong A356 aluminum alloy that is T6 heat treated for maximum strength, all our wheels pass rigorous durability testing and strict quality control reviews to bring you wheels that last.

Ride high. Stand apart.

You put in the hours. And you’ve earned the right to reap the rewards of a hard day’s work. That’s why Gear Off Road provides the durable, sleek, and stylish wheels you want, with pricing that respects your wallet. It’s our way of saying “thank you” to all the workaday warriors out there who want to be Road Ready and Attention Worthy

A look that always leads the way

So, whether you’re rolling up in a lifted truck, SUV, or overlander, you can depend on Gear Off Road wheels to provide the right balance of sturdy and style – on the pavement and beyond.